18 January 2010


I was very honored, this holiday, to receive one of my sister-in-law Laura's new creations, a beet bag from her new enterprise GLITTERSWEET. It is one glittery bag (this photo doesn't really do the glitter justice) but also one sturdy bag! The intent was to use it for the farmer's market, but since I have been printing a lot more than I have been cooking lately, it has mostly been put to the test toting loads of packages to the post office, probably more than should have been stuffed into it, and still it looks and acts brand new.

Laura has been a sewing monster all fall (5 machines at last count?) and we have been commiserating/cheerleading about the insanity/joy of retail crafting. I was also lucky enough to print her cards. It is hard to match the glitter magic in paper form, so we did the next best thing--silver ink on bubblegum paper.

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