01 July 2012

Workshop at UCLA's Fowler Museum

I'll be teaching a relief printing workshop @ UCLA's Fowler Museum on July 14th. Here's the link to sign up-(click here!)-last I checked there were still a few spots open. It's an affordable way to take my block printing class & also includes a tour of their current exhibit of Tibetan woodblock prints. Because it's a relatively short class we'll be concentrating on carving small images that you can repeat to make into larger images or patterns, & we'll be printing on both paper & fabric.

in stores now!

our labels/tags/recipe cards have hit the stores (or at least the internet).

printing recipe cards, one at a time.

Some photos from before I started printing the recipe cards two-at-a-time. 

and a video:

so much to do & everything's a mess

Alex took a lot of pictures during the darkest printing-15-hours-a-day moments, thanks Alex!, wherein I'd be wearing crazy can't-leave-the-house-in outfits.
Late night in the messy garage:

Womack keeping guard outside the garage:


First thing I'm going to do when we wrap this up is CLEAN, I swear it.

boxes and boxes of boxes

We've been hard at work since April on a mind-blowingly large order from Williams Sonoma (probably not large for them, but positively insane from this one-person print shop's perspective). All other printing projects have been back-burnered in favor of seeing this through, and the back house/shack has filled, emptied, re-filled, emptied, and filled again with piles of boxes of boxes. Now that we're on the downslope, we can all look back at this time fondly, but as you'll see in subsequent posts, it involved a lot of late-night printing and hoarder level messes.