21 July 2009


Alex (with a little help from Womack) ultra-kindly plugged away under the studio lights and photographed ALMOST all the new stuff from Renegade. and I am plugging away at updating the etsy site--I still have a ways to go, but I love how bright and cheerful everything looks in the shop. hooray for alex. I'll post the highlights here in the coming weeks, including the much-labored-over and miraculously-finished-on-time Produce Calendar, as well as the cloud prints I've been working on with the extremely patient & talented Chantale Doyle, owner of Mt. Fuji General Store.

13 July 2009

post renegade post

lucy and aandrea looking tough.

we had a great time at renegade, or at least thanks to team krank (lucy, aandrea, alex) *I* had a great time at renegade. lots of people came, many krank pressed items went home with customers, i met new-to-me & inspiring co-vendors (see: sycamore st press, tugboat printshop, erinzam books, 3 fish studios, orangyporangy, mincing mockingbird to name a few)...

and alex is kindly going to photo the new items so I can finally refresh the etsy site, very very soon.

much gratitude to my helpers and renegade generally for such a nice experience.