20 July 2007

photos i took whilst in british columbian wonderland (treehouses, wild stawberries, lakes, ramen) two weeks ago:

i've been meaning to post images from the 2007 calendar i printed... in the meanwhile, a photo i stumbled on of the collating process, on my Nana's beloved green victorian sofa:

09 July 2007

business cards for brigid!
bra-themed invite part two: letterpress.

15 June 2007

bra-themed bbq shower invites, step 1: gocco!

10 June 2007

hastily made but desperately needed cushiony bags for fragile electronics:
#1 soft pouch for thrice-dropped-but-since-repaired camera, partially made from an obi anastasia brought back from japan.

and #2 a utilitarian laptop bag, after office peer pressure instructed that a muslin tote bag wasn't quite up to the job.

another bib, in progress; fabric from bolt in portland or.

01 June 2007

dimly lit photos of bag made from etsuko fuyura fabric. (for dilla)

jenee modelling reversable bib.
(made for august)

30 May 2007

i'll start with a backlog of recent manufacture.

#1: booties made for ewan. (pattern from purl)