23 November 2008

the newest calendar

This year's calendar is bird-topical--it was going to be a global "odd birds" compendium, but once we started researching we decided LA has at least 12 odd birds of its own. The full roster: the belted kingfisher, the surf scoter, the burrowing owl, the california quail, the brown pelican, the black-necked stilt, the black skimmer, the greater roadrunner, a show rooster, the common raven, the long-billed curlew and the eared grebe. I'm super happy with how it turned out, so much so that I will post more pics of the calendar when I have a chance to take them.

taxis of tokyo

While standing outside of Itoya in Ginza, I decided I wanted to try printing a series of cards of the identical-but-for-their-color-coding 80's era taxis of Tokyo:

yard fauna card sets

I printed a card set with 5 of the animals from the yard fauna calendar (the bushtit, the possum, the coyote, the kestral and the raccoon).

pattern sets

I printed 5 patterns (polka dot, plaid, stripes, diamonds, and triangles) and turned them into cards:

gift tags:

and blank books:

new printed items pt.1

happy holiday version of the thank you cards. super happy with how they came out:

bird tags:

and exclamation cards and tags:

21 November 2008

felt club!

the booth:

back in the real world

I've been lost in Krafttown what with all my efforts to get ready for Felt Club, but now that the felt club has so successfully come and gone, I should be updating this here blog. I'll start with general felt club documentation, thanks to Alex and his camera, and follow with close ups/descriptions of the new stuff, which honest-to-god only managed to come to complete fruition thanks to the help of Mom, Dad, Alex and Aandrea...

the prep: