24 April 2014

more photos: spain

This blog has become more of a repository for my photos/travels than anything else, but so it goes. I've finally scanned in the rolls I took in Spain in January. I also think, after, mmmm, 15 years of owning this camera, that I finally figured out what is causing the film-loading issues I've always had. So these are still pre-learning-curve, and thus a bit more off kilter & moody. Also: it rained a lot in Spain in late January. I've just gotten back from the UK, and will post those photos when they're processed and scanned, maybe months from now...

26 April 2013

silkscreen student

I signed up for a silkscreen course this spring at Otis, because I'd never been taught how to do it & only had various at-best-semi-successful projects through the years on the basis of self-taught winging-it. I'm super glad I took the class--it really opened printing doors for me & I even just ordered a washout sink for the garage (we're re-plumbing the back house, so I thought: why not throw that in too). I had some print ideas before I started, but decided to chuck 'em & experiment with non-computer processes such as rubylith & painting directly on negatives. Here are a few of the prints I made--I'm hoping to get some of them up into my etsy shop soon, as prints & wrapping paper...

I cut these birds (and the script on the top print) out of rubylith (sorry the only photo I have of the prints are behind a bird cupcake!)

then I did a series of prints using lines I'd painted directly on negatives: 

and finally I made a repeating pattern out of a kind of random pile of hand-cut circles, scotch taped down onto the screen before I exposed it: 

more 120 from 2012

the rest of my 2012 120 highlights: