29 April 2009

new pattern incarnations

new sets of tags from the pattern prints:

and now the book sets come in a Krank Press bag:

business kards

job work

I have been lost in custom invitation land and am just now returning my sights to krank press retail adventures. Of the invitations recently printed, this is the one I'm most smitten with (especially considering that this was the second draft, after I scrapped a less-fun first idea...):

calendars, past and future

a sooper dooper belated link to krank press's mention in the NY Times moment blog way way back in January.

Am ruminating over which calendars will get reprinted for 2010, to join the new calendars currently in the pipeline. Alex has already compiled the 12 entries for a new LA history calendar--somehow he managed to find 12 equally giddy nuggets of history gold for round 2. And per Gina Kwon's *excellent* suggestion, I am also creating a southland-oriented seasonal food calendar (both what to grow in your yard and what to buy at the market). I think that one will be 'perpetual' (ie, not year specific)--we used to call them birthday calendars...