16 October 2012

stamp workshop: student work

I forgot to post some photos of work students have done in the past in my stamp workshops. I'm usually having such a good time with the class that I forget to take photos, but here are shots from a couple different workshops: 

some instagram shots from a recent class:

and some photos from a class a couple years ago:
Cathy made a couple lunar stamps & she made a beautiful series of tags w/different color combinations.
Wendy's tags:
one student made super-cute miniature portrait of each person in her family:
and a couple more shots:

15 October 2012

Feliz Workshop

I'll be teaching a couple of workshops at the upcoming Feliz Sale in Austin, on Saturday November 3rd. You can see more details here and sign up for the classes here.
My workshop will be a crash course in relief printing, using hand-carved stamps to print without a press. With the holiday season approaching, I'll be emphasizing using the stamps to create wrapping paper & tags, but I'll also show you methods for printimg on fabric. I'll post below a bunch of photos of stamps I've made for classes in the past & patterns I've created with them. I've gotten kind of obsessed with pattern design lately & stamps are a fantastic way of experimenting with shapes & patterns. I'll bring along some books on pattern design, so you can also get a crash course in repeats, and how to turn a small image into a large pattern. 

a recent fish stamp:
that became this pattern:

Here is a pile of stamps I've made through the years:
and some prints I've made with them:

this continuous pattern was made out of a single square:

Every participant will get a take-home "stamp kit" with stamps, carving knives, stamp pad, papers & fabric to print on & image idea sheets so you don't have to dream up a design yourself if you don't want to.
and here are a couple packages packaged in stamp wrappers, fabric & paper: