29 August 2008

cards for Geoff McFetridge

I just finished printing these cards for Geoff McFetridge--to accompany his (excellent) show at the Seattle Art Museum. totally thrilled to print stuff for Geoff + also totally happily surprised at how well the fine lines of his designs printed (see, particularly, man upside down on chair).

pink birdies

I broke out my bushtit silkscreen + some of John's fluorescent pink ink (which, by the way, I discovered after the fact is NOT water soluble) to print on the little machine parts bags I have:

and on tags:

blank books

some blank books I just made with my new German butcher's twine:

and a couple experiments with matchbook-style blank books, this time using my new safety orange library book repair tape:

on the lawn

another recent linoleum-and-metal type (twentieth century!) invite:

four oh

american gothic

Mike provided me with a sketch of him + Jenee, which I old-time-ified, on account of their old-time Washington-slept-here wedding location. I also bought a perforation blade for the cutting board to make the rsvp cards. (We really did sit at one super long table at the wedding reception.)


Wedding invitations for Chad and Mary.
I invested in a font of stars from the M & H foundry, so as to be a little more Texan. I also found the digital equivalent of one of my favorite metal fonts (Alt Gothic #2) + used the Gocco printer for the envelope + rsvp.

cloverfield, pt 2

some examples of endsheets I've printed for the Cloverfield Press books. For each book I print both the covers and the endsheets--I give the offset press the printed endsheets before the books are bound, so they are part of the binding and trimmed with the rest of the book. I've designed all of the endsheet patterns--generally a riff on the cover art...

1. inside the front cover of Ventura County:

2. the first endsheet I designed, for The Museum of Contemporary Art by Carol Treadwell. The cover has a lone stroller, which I morphed into a wallpaper:

3. the inside pattern for Hot Springs by Mary Rechner. The cover features a minivan.

4. the inside cover of Cubist Infant by Justus Ballard (based on cover art by Ann Faison):

28 August 2008

cloverfield selections

some selections from the Cloverfield Press oeuvre:

1. the press in the midst of printing the covers for Gentleman Reptile by Henry Baum.

and a close up of the boxcar base used for his cover:

2. the original cover for Laurence Dumortier's Ventura County (linoleum image; photopolymer type):

3. Haruki Murakami's Tony Takitani (cover art by Michiko Yao):

fiesta card

another linoleum/metal type combo:

save the date

I'm thinking about making blank save the date cards with this old block I cut for Noah and Maggie's wedding:

greeting cards; tags

thank you cards, celebrating that lovely sombra font.

happy birthday and thank you cards, two sizes, two color schemes, based on "HELLO MY NAME IS" stickers, contrasted with the unevenness of the metal type:

cards and tags based on the linoleum tiles i unearthed on the floor of the kitchen in the back house:

2008/2009 calendar

I got this calendar out a wee bit late, so the dates stretch into 2009. (I'm also reprinting this for 2009). This calendar is a collabo with Alex--he did all the excellent research + all the excellent blurb writing. It is chock full of odd LA history gems + introduced me to both Tiny Broadwick and Georgeous George. all of the months follow:
(as with the previous year's calendar, the images are linoleum blocks I cut + the text is all hand-set)