03 May 2015

Sew LA workshop

I'm teaching a block-printing workshop at Sew LA June 6th, and prepping for it has been *so much fun*. It will be my basic block-carving, printing & pattern design class, but given that it is at a sewing store, the emphasis will be on printing on fabric, and on the methods of fabric pattern design. 

Carving small stamps is an amazing way to fiddle with pattern-making. It's probably not the most efficient way to print large swaths of pattern, but for small projects, it's VERY rewarding & is a loose way of experimenting with all the possible ways one can turn a simple image into a repeated pattern. I'm happy enough with how some of these experiments played out that I'm planning on transforming them into silkscreens for some short-run Krank Press sewing projects.  

Alex took photos of me at work, and I've added a few iphone photos to the mix, as well:

01 May 2015

East Sussex

this time last year we were in East Sussex, at the tail end of my husband's gig working at the Paris Opera House. we holed up in our friends amazing blacksmith's cottage, on the old Ashburnham estate, and enjoyed the heck out of the spring days. then I took circa 9 months to process my film. here are a few highlights.