20 January 2010

holiday mayhem!

This was a super busy holiday season here at Krank Press. I was basically in produce-calendar-reprint-mode (and, er, wedding planning mode, but that is another story) all fall & was always a little behind the eight ball leading up to the two big holiday fairs. The first fair was Unique LA:

This photo is misleading: A) I was always so sleep deprived that I never really manned the booth myself, generally out-muscled and out-brain-powered by Alex and Aandrea "Sell! Sell! Sell!" Stang. and B) This photo makes the fair look a little lonely and gloomy--it was nothing of the sort! very cheerful and busy and we had an awfully good time meeting people and seeing familiar faces. But if you look carefully in the back, you can see what I was doing during most of the fair: collating! I even brought the wire-binding machine along, that's how last-minute this entire fall was.

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