16 October 2012

stamp workshop: student work

I forgot to post some photos of work students have done in the past in my stamp workshops. I'm usually having such a good time with the class that I forget to take photos, but here are shots from a couple different workshops: 

some instagram shots from a recent class:

and some photos from a class a couple years ago:
Cathy made a couple lunar stamps & she made a beautiful series of tags w/different color combinations.
Wendy's tags:
one student made super-cute miniature portrait of each person in her family:
and a couple more shots:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome class! You know, you have my dream job. Thanks for teaching me some new things and for inspiring me to keep trying. Thanks again!

The radish, teapot, leaf, line design stamp girl from your 4-6 class.