23 November 2008

the newest calendar

This year's calendar is bird-topical--it was going to be a global "odd birds" compendium, but once we started researching we decided LA has at least 12 odd birds of its own. The full roster: the belted kingfisher, the surf scoter, the burrowing owl, the california quail, the brown pelican, the black-necked stilt, the black skimmer, the greater roadrunner, a show rooster, the common raven, the long-billed curlew and the eared grebe. I'm super happy with how it turned out, so much so that I will post more pics of the calendar when I have a chance to take them.


Scribezilla said...

Good morning:

Saw the article in the LA Times this morning. I'd love to buy the Odd Birds calendar. But it doesn't seem to be available on Etsy.
Where else can it be purchased?

Kesd said...

I read about your calendar, Odd Birds of L.A. in the Saturday 12/27/08 LA Times; I went to to the website and finally your blog to buy one. It didn't occur to me the the Times would profile a 2008 calendar - but alas they did. The "cuts" of the birds are great and I would still love to have one. Are there any still available? KesD

Nor said...

I've relisted more calendars on the Etsy site and promise to keep an eye on the stock--the article was kind of a surprise and I was a wee bit unprepared!

Nor said...

ps--the odd birds calendar is for 2009 not 2008!