29 August 2008

cloverfield, pt 2

some examples of endsheets I've printed for the Cloverfield Press books. For each book I print both the covers and the endsheets--I give the offset press the printed endsheets before the books are bound, so they are part of the binding and trimmed with the rest of the book. I've designed all of the endsheet patterns--generally a riff on the cover art...

1. inside the front cover of Ventura County:

2. the first endsheet I designed, for The Museum of Contemporary Art by Carol Treadwell. The cover has a lone stroller, which I morphed into a wallpaper:

3. the inside pattern for Hot Springs by Mary Rechner. The cover features a minivan.

4. the inside cover of Cubist Infant by Justus Ballard (based on cover art by Ann Faison):

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